Be Nosey!

Be Nosey!

Is your New Year’s Resolution to buy a home?


Ever curious about the value of your home or your neighbor’s homes?  How about a home you randomly drove past and loved! At iAppraisal you can nose around and find out the details your heart desires!

Weber Elite is so excited to present you with this amazing FREE TOOL right on our website!

Getting an appraisal on your home is paramount to getting the sale price that you need and, as a buyer, checking the values in an area you love!

At iAppraisal you have all that information in one place. This is not a “Zestimate” based on neighboring homes listed for sale, this is a more accurate number based on what nearby comps have actually sold for!  This new site let’s you see a photo of your home, a current appraisal price, comps in your area, previous sale prices, square footage and more!

Get your free appraisal by visiting our state-of-the-art website.  You will find that and more under the “Seller’s” tab on the homepage.

Time to get nosey with Weber Elite!